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University Sportspark

// mural

Energizing, motivating painting. 80's style.

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Donnerschwee Retroperspective

// picturesque mural

Bringing back memories of a district.

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Die Johanniter Unfallhilfe

// Wall design parking lot

Design of a parking lot. Mix of history and current.

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Tooth Gnomes

// office design

Anti-anxiety dentist's office development.

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Lasertag Arena Oldenburg

// interior design, gameplay & wall design

Gameplay-supporting visuals.

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Schlosshöfe Oldenburg

// collage, mural

Wall design in a shopping mall.

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Die Jungen Wilden Oldenburger

// corporate identity, wall design

Placement of a successful restaurant brand

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Junk Yard

// free design

Free design of some gritty walls.

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Public Swimming Pool

// container design

Container design at the poolside.

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AStA Uni Oldenburg

// Office design

Office lobby.

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Children's Playground

// mural, collage

Collage next to a children's playground in a project.

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