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Your contentBrought to life graphically

After analysing your needs, we measure the wall surfaces to be designed and begin the design work. These can take place digitally or classic analogously. Completely free or strictly according to your specifications, but always taking into account the environment of the area, always authentic. Optional canvases can also be acquired following the design presentation.

Precise crafsmanshipImplementation on your surfaces

After the design approval, our experienced artists use spray cans, brushes, pens, color rollers, as well as scaffolding or elevators to transfer the desired works to their original design depending on the format and detail of the design. Due to the special varnishes used, the colors usually remain bright for 10 years. We can also undertake any preparatory work such as the plastering or pre-painting of the surfaces.

  • Step 01:Idea Development
    & Conception

  • Step 02:Sketch
    / Design

Step 03:Digital enhancement

Step 04:Application
on your walls

An end tovandalism

Our experience and nationwide observations show that professionally designed walls are much rarer, usually even no more sacrifices of vandalism. The reason for this is, among other things, the fact that sprayers show respect for the artistic performance as well as the costs of punishment are much higher.

Your investmenteffectively documented

Photos and moving pictures are now considered the most important advertising media. The most important medium has become the Internet. As part of threeOax, we rely on a strong network of professional players in the world of branding and presentation. In order to be able to benefit from this, we also provide suitable partners for getting the news to your customers. To the point and measurable.

Object artsubject of our work

Design spaces for urban art and painting are almost limitless. We design for you on and / or paper, metal, wood, foil, banners or other materials. For example, cars, furniture, letterboxes, vending machines, helmets, trash cans, watches, protective covers, shoes, clothing and many other things can be designed and customized.

handwritten typeshowing personality

Often we only perceive writing subconsciously. Sometimes it is functional and factual, sometimes emotional, sometimes entertaining. Especially if your enterprise revolves around handmade or human beings, written writing is, above all, indispensable. It's as if you hold a letter from a friend in your hands. They feel a special appreciation and connection. Then someone took the time to tell you something nice. In times of digital communication a dying ability and the beginning of a new art genre.

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